Chicago Bulls:
Code of conduct video, (Featuring stacey king)
Mcgraw hill smartbook:
work smarter not harder "Repulsive roomate"
TOTino's pizza stuffers:
Mom auditions
Clorox ick awards "Opening musical number" (starring rachel Dratch)
Sears auto center: 
12 days of car care
Leggett and Platt:
Get hybrid "you can bounce on it"

Double Day publishing

 Breathers: a zombie's lament 

"Necrobufrin: The Key to a Better Death"


motorola - Moto G 4
"Unlock Yourself"
a fun music video made with the second city works to show off the features of the new Moto g phone
Liftmaster Red Tag App
with NACSCAR's Kasey Kahne
Hampton by hilton
Motorolla-Moto z2 force
Shatter Shield
Hampton by hilton
Cool Aunt
Hampton by hilton
Cool Aunt
Adobe stock
The artist speaks
Playstation Play link
That's you